Epi-Infusion treatments

The medical dermabrasion machine at Sweet Spot is called a DermaSweep.
DermaSweep Epi-Infusion treatments combine exfoliation with delivery of skin-specific topical solutions, leaving patients with a fresher feeling and better-looking skin. The solution is applied under vacuum pressure at the same time the system exfoliates the epidermis.
A Dermasweep treatment is a non-invasive skincare procedure that can help address a variety of skin concerns. The treatment involves using a handheld wand tool that gently lifts away the top layer of skin, increases micro-circulation, and delivers key skin nutrients. The procedure is designed to aid the natural cell shedding process by manually removing dead and damaged skin cells from the surface, which stimulates new skin cells to grow faster. ***This improves skin firmness and reduces fine lines and wrinkles!
The treatment is customizable and can be tailored to specific skincare needs with exclusive solutions formulated with cutting-edge ingredients. The procedure is used to treat a number of skin problems, including hyperpigmentation, scarring, and blotchy skin. The treatment is generally safe and has no downtime.

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